Teams Information Dump:

Here is a collection of work from the past few months I had posted on teams and forgot to post here, so here’s the catchup.

13th August:

Sound as an archive: 

After not feeling happy with what I was making I’ve decided to go in a different direction. I want to explore music as an archive of sounds and creating visual archives of music by using oscilloscopes.  Below is a link to an test I did in regards to how it works: 

Oscilloscope Test 1 

By adding a delay to the oscilloscope it creates a permanent image behind itself as the music progresses eventually resulting in a shape that is entirely unique to that track. 

Songs themselves can also act of archives of sound. For example the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer was one of the first consumer level synthesizers that was mass produced and had 32 preset sounds. Because it was so difficult to program, those present sounds appear in so much media from 1983 until around 1990.  One example is 15: Bass 1 which is can be heard on countless songs by A-HA, New Order, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and many others.  

August 18th:

I further explored the Oscilloscope and experimented with layering the different tracks represented by different colours. 

Oscilloscope test 2 

September 1:

Over the past few weeks I have been exploring the way that sounds create an image that is entirely unique to that sound, and how the different layers in music have the capacity to create quite chaotic line images. I didn’t really think about it working the other way around as well.  

I have found a few articles that discuss the relation between photography and music, and that way that music influences some people in their photographic style. I always have music playing when I’m photographing and printing, but I hadn’t thought of how that could be influencing what I’m doing.  

Last week in class, Kaitlyn suggested what if I took the place of the oscilloscope. This is something I would like to further explore. It also enables me to work with both sound and photography as variables rather than just sound. 

Another thing that has also caught my attention is the conveying of sound through photography (the image that results from the act of taking the photograph, which is up to the interpretation of the photographer unlike an oscilloscope). 


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